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7 Simple And Healthy Breakfast Ideas

7 Simple And Healthy Breakfast Ideas

“Make a healthy wake up every morning!”. It is always appreciated to follow the phrase “Have breakfast like a king” because we live in a modern world where people think they have time to check their mails, messages and profiles in the morning whereas have no time for breakfast. But we have to admit and accept the importance of having breakfast and how it pampers the wellness of our body. Obviously breakfast seems to be the most controversial meal because we neither love it nor hate it but forced to have for our wellbeing. 

The chances of putting breakfast away from your ‘things to do’ list is more during some bustling mornings, however taking a couple of minutes to have your breakfast can add more glory and positive effect to your day. It fuels up your mind, refreshes your body and ends your overnight fast. 

It would be really interesting to know about some healthy breakfast ideas which requires little effort to prepare and make your eyes roll over when you sort the benefits out of them. Making yourself fit and healthy should not be a boring task, you should try to change the yummiest things into healthiest things by following some good breakfast ideas in order to make your morning breakfast an essential one. I hope this article will fascinate you with interesting, healthy and yummiest ideas for your breakfast which can be whipped up in minutes. 

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

1. Oatmeal

All the Indian grandmothers and mothers possess a typical habit of preparing well steamed oatmeal as their family’s breakfast and they consider this habit as a must. You may wonder “Why oats in the morning?……Oats make your breakfast a balanced meal and it is really easy to make. It is one of the healthy recipes and you can really enjoy eating it for any number of days. Since oats are rich in fibers and proteins, it helps you to reduce your cholesterol level especially when it is taken in the morning. 

Oats with fruits and vegetables is a brilliant breakfast idea which gives you a ‘Protein-Packed’ power performance to your body. When you wish to give the best for your body, then Oats is the right choice..

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2. Peanut Butter Toast

Adopting Peanut butter Toast as a breakfast option is a great way of boosting your mind and body with fibers and proteins which is more than enough to withstand your hunger till lunchtime. The benefits of Peanut butter is more far beyond our imagination. Peanut Butter is just creamy, delicious and most importantly healthy for our body. If this pantry staple is added in our daily diet, then with no doubt, we can turn healthy and organic to lead a perfect and peaceful lifestyle. 

It helps to maintain healthy muscles and nerves, controls body temperature regulation and blood pressure. Peanut ButterToast  is completely packed with nutritious components and organic ingredients which can be a better option to have in the morning

3. Boiled Egg

The ‘Yellow within white’ combination can be a great breakfast solution on the busy mornings. The boiled egg act as a weight killer and boosts the metabolism of your body. 

Eggs are usually packed with a rich variety of proteins, fibers, minerals and vitamins which makes your stomach full and also provides a lot of healthy benefits. Since eggs provide you a great nutritious treat, it can be added in your morning diet. 

4. Avocado toast

The vegetarian gluten-free Avocado toast has a perfect combination of protein and healthy fats. It is really nice and enjoyable to start the day with a creamy delicious dish which keeps you energised the whole day. 

This nutritious morning dish has a great effect over your health and the preparation is too simple. The pieces of avocado over the bread toast with a sprinkle of salt and pepper is more delicious and will make you mouth water. 

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5. Veggie Salad

You may come across many healthy dishes, but Vegetable salad is still being on the top priority for many people. The green flavour of the vegetables bring a healthy nourishment to your body and having it in the morning has a deep effect over the day. 

The mix of vegetables is rich in healthy fats, carbohydrates, proteins and keeps you hydrated for a long time. They improve your mental performance and make your mind boosted and balanced.

‘Bring your body a new change by cultivating the vegetables within your body too! ‘

Apart from having a healthy solid meal for breakfast, it is also recommended to add some nutritious liquids along with your meal because these add-ons can bring a drastic change and improvement in your health. 

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6. Milk

It is always better to choose milk between tea and coffee in the morning, because the calcium and protein content in the milk makes your muscles and bones stronger and healthier. 

Starting your day with milk helps you to get nourished, makes you feel better and keeps you relaxed for a long time. Make your meal more healthy by adding a cup of milk.

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7. Banana Smoothie

The creamiest taste of banana smoothie makes your breakfast more delicious and is simply a pack of proteins, fiber and vitamin B-6. Blend it with your daily breakfast and just explore the great benefits of it. 

The added flavours of it tempts you to take more and gives you a delicious and a satisfactory meal. 

Choose your breakfast meal in a wise manner because the best wealth one could have in his life is a healthy body.  

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